Rancho Tres Estrellas
Topaz has a lot of beautiful
foals with many different colours.
I would like to introduce a few of
them to you and encourage
everyone who owns his offspring
to send me pictures so i can post
them here.To the right is
Handsome who sure has the right
name.He is not only handsome
but is a wonderful trailhorse for
Handsome,2002 gold champagne
gelding son of Topaz and
Bill,Topaz's owner ponying Honey
Honey is Topaz's first
foal representing him in
Europe.She is also the
very first classic cream
champagne TWH over
there.Honey adjusted
very well and took the
long trip like a pro,good
job Honey!!!
Harmony will have very
nice foals in the future
and has a 2006 black
Harmony is like Topaz
and others also reg.
2001 amber cream champagne daughter of Topaz
"Cee Dee Melody's Harmony" belongs to Cindy
Brooks of Alberta,who enjoys riding her.
2004 classic cream mare"Cee Dee
Bell's Topaz Knell"(Honey) was
sold to Luxemburg in July 2006.
Kim Pringle with 2002 classic
champagne gelding son of
Topaz,Champagne's Canadian
Ice(The Iceman).!Click on Kim's
page to see Iceman is a moviestar!
Our gorgeous 2005 black or smokey
black son of Topaz "Northern Wind "is
a full brother to Honey.
Go To Kim
Two 2002 classic champagne sons of Topaz.
posted with the kind permission of Kim Pringle.
2006 classic cream champagne son of Topaz" Calibur".
He was sold in Utero together with his dam to the US.
Posted with the kind premission of Calibur's owner.
One of these colts shows The Iceman as a
weanling at Kim's.    She is a well known TWH
Trainer here in Canada.
2002 classic cream champagne
granddaughter of Topaz
Cee Dee Wynonna's
Gidget .I am buying her from my
friend Cindy Brooks(thanks
Cindy for letting me have her).
2005 classic cream
champagne daughter of
Gidget 7K Diamonds
Bewitch Me(Tabi) is a
great granddaughter of
Topaz.Tabi was sold to
Annika in germany and will
soon make the big trip
overseas.She sure is a