Rancho Tres Estrellas
DEB TESORO AMOROSO is in training now !!!
Here Tes is showing his high lift nicely.
He lunges like a dream already.He
responds very well to voice commands,
is easy in the bit and gets used to unusual objects
fairly quick.He took the bit nicely too.I will spend the
next few weeks with lunging him a little with a saddle
and bridle.Get him used to a tarp,walk him on a
tarp,then go to
grounddriving him.It sure is a pleasure to work with a
young stallion that is so smart and willing to please.I
will still be easy on his training until next year.Tes has
all the time in the world to develop.
Time sure flew and our babyboy is now a big man:).I
love him more every day and cannot wait for a few more
foals by him with his brio and gait.
TESORO is growing up.He is now
over 3 years old and he is calm,so very
trusting,loves people.
Tesoro has shown great respect at all
times which is very important to me for a
stallion.He never forgets what he learns
To the right he is showing his termino.
He has lot's of natural gait,in fact that
is all he ever does.Tes will be a very
smooth riding horse and i am looking
forward to riding him.
Isn't Tesoro beautiful?He made it so easy for us to
take good pictures of him.He loves to model for us.
His daughter Layla is as beautiful as he is.Perfect
conformation beautiful head combined with this
smooth extended gait.I will work her shortly and will
post more of her as her training goes along.Layla has
grown a lot now and is our bestlooking foal so far.
We cannot wait until next year to see Flash's new foal
by Tesoro,she sure enough is carrying his foal
again.She is expected to foal beginning of June.
Please look again as we will post more pictures of
Tesoro's and Layla's training progress.