Rancho Tres Estrellas
2005 Spanish Gaited Pony Gelding,Black Pinto BENTO (Patches x Tanto Mejor)
Bento is now coming 4 years old.Our
first baby is almost grown up!!! He has
done a lot of groundtraining in
2008,was saddled and ridden
lightly.Bento is very smart and easy to
train and gaits under saddle like a
gem.He is certainly always a favourite to
all our visitors with his beautiful color
and his Peruvian looks.We love bento so
much that he likely will stay here.He may
become a lesson and demo pony for our
gaited peruvian crosses but we will first
give him a lot of time to mature
fully.Bento will resume his
saddletraining,only lightly, in 2009.
Bento is now about 13.2 hh.Patches is
sure a great little mare to get us a few
pony foals and she will assist us now in
producing a few curly ponies.However
Patches will have a year off from being a
mama in 2009.
Tanto Mejor's stamps his foals very much
with his looks,gait and disposition
2006 Tennuvian Colt,Black TANTO CARINOSO   
            Miss Mahogany Bell x Tanto Mejor
He looks even more like his sire Tanto
and has a strong natural gait with so
far no termino or lift in front.
He will be very smooth and easy
gaiting and mature taller then Tanto.
Cari is a quick learner,typical Peruvian.
Carinoso is trained every day from day 1 and learned to
sit and lay down already.I train him after Allen Pogue's
Videos and it works just fine.Cari will learn how to lead
and step up on a pedestal as well as lead and give hoofs.
It works as promised a lot easier at this age and i can
strongly recommend Allen's Videos and training methods.
I linked to his page Imagine A Horse on my linkspage.
I will post more pictures of Cari learning as soon as i can.
Tanto Carinoso as a 2 year old.Isn't our Tennuian
beautiful?I bet his new owners are very happy with
him,as he was very good for us in training.He took
saddling very well,stood tied,gave hoofs.He hopped
right in the trailer when he got taken to go to his new
home.He is certainly very well gaited and i was very sad
to see him leave.Tanto Mejor was an outstanding sire
for Peruvian crosses.
Alejandro and his halfbrother Carinoso enjoying their freedom as late
yearlings.What a beautiful sight they are:).
Alejandro is Tanto Mejor and Viada's
miracle foal.He is very dear to me and he will
stay here.Tanto's only purebred foal.
True to his Peruvian ancestry,Alejandro
showed no resistance to saddling and to
having someone sit on his back.Of course he
inheritet his sire and dams super smooth
gait.He is a true combination of his parents
traits and Alejandro will always remind me of
his beautiful parents.He will resume his light
saddletraining in 2009 but we are very easy
on him as he is long not grown up
yet.Alejandro will be 3 years old in 2009.
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of Tanto's foals