Rancho Tres Estrellas
DEB TESORO AMOROSO,Black Peruvian Paso
Tesoro wears a saddle
for the very first time!!
He has been easy to
train all the way
along.Very good boy
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Tesoro Amoroso
DEB TESORO AMOROSO is a reg.black Peruvian Paso stallion born May 2003.He is double Piloto
and double AV Sol de Paijan bred,has a quiet disposition,lot's of termino,high lift in front,built for the ultimate
smooth ride.He has a lot of brio but is very pleasant to handle.We are introducing him for smoothgaited
crossbred foals and are expecting our first 2 foals in 2006 by Tesoro.We desplayed him at the Agribition in
Nov 2005 and he was very gentle and patient with all the children that loved to pet him there.Tesoro is now
GELDED!!!I will continue his training in spring and he sure will enjoy his new life as a gelding.
Tesoro is now under saddle and is doing very well.He has calmed down considerably and could join other
geldings or mares without behaving too studley.We are very proud of Tesoro !!!
TESORO 2006,3 years old.First time wearing a bridle he still is a quick learner,good boy!!!
NEWS!!!NEWS!!!NEWS!!! Tesoro's first foal arrived today,June 21 2006.SHE IS A FILLY.
Her dam is our beautiful Catch The Flash.A maiden mare she is a wonderful momma and has done it all by
herself.Looks like the filly will be a bay maybe black,a little white on her hindcoronet is all white she has.Our
little Princess is very people loving and was very easy to imprint,while her momma was so good to let me handle
her baby lot's.Tesoro saw his daughter being born and was very respectful,all the other horses were good
and stood around Flash just little ways away and watched over her and her baby.
Tesoro proudly presents his first
daughter Layla out of Catch The Flash!!!
She should have the singlefoot and
would be an awesome endurance project
and she is for sale after weaning.
Layla is now almost 3 years old and has had
a lot of groundwork,saddling,she stands
tied.She is smart and very well gaited just as
we had planned her to be.SHe will make an
awesome smoothgaited  endurance horse.
She will resume her saddle training in 2009.
Novia will be 2 years old in 2009.She has
filled out a lot now and is looking more and
more like her halfbrother Bento.However
she has not shown us gait yet but she will
be an awesome sportspony.
La Reina Rizada is now almost a yearling.She has shown us no trot yet.She
inheritet the beautiful smooth gait of her Peruvian sire and is very easy to work
with.Reina is one of the best gaited curly horses you have ever seen.And to boot
everything she is very curly as well.Well done Tesoro and Safire.This filly is more
then i hoped for when i bred Safire to Tesoro.We will hold on to this beautiful
filly if nobody snaps her up.She is certainly well worth to be bred to Topaz when
she is grown up.We will keep training her to be a good smooth riding horse as she
grows.So far we are very happy with our Peruvian crosses.
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We will make new pictures and videos in spring.
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