Rancho Tres Estrellas
PATCHES has had her second spanish
pinto foal Novia.Here she is wearing her new
Rythmbeads.If you like themwe can make you
one too.Patches is wearing a matching set
here.Rythmbeads,Headband,Mane and
Tailclips.Isn't she beautiful?
gorgeous Peruvian Paso stallion has
done it one more time.His second
daughter is as beautiful as the first
one,Layla !!!
Patches and her proud filly Novia
NOVIA,born July 1.2007,bay spanish pinto filly.
What a looker she is,we couldn't have been more
pleased to find her at Patches's side one morning.
We will keep sweet Novia so we can breed gaited
curly foals with her in the future.
Patches has done an amazing job once again and sure
earned her right to have quality pony foals for us.As
her momma Novia jumps well and will be awesome
sports pony once she is grown.
Please visit again as we post new pictures of this little
girl as she grows.
NOVIA is every bit as beautiful and well built as
her half brother BENTO.
She is not as gaited as Bento is but she has a nice
floating trot,the very attractive pinto color and her
daddy's spanish looks.Novia has grown and filled
out a lot and is now a yearling!!!
She is also learning groundmanners,
gives hoofs,leads and ties,good girl!!!