Rancho Tres Estrellas
In Loving Memory of Viada PD
1985 - 2008
VIADA PD is a bay Peruvian Paso mare born
She has had 5 foals already and is carrying her 6th foal
by Tanto Mejor for May 2006.
I can't wait to see it,another foal by my darling Tanto,i
still miss him so much and we didn't think Viada would ever
carry a foal again.However this will be her last one most
likely.Viada is a mare with a champion
pedigree.Tanto was certainly a stallion that complimented
her nicely with shorter pasterns and a shorter body,more
refined then her.I will keep this foal as well in memory of my
beautiful Tanto,especially so as i don't know how long i
will have Viada.
Tanto Mejor & Viada a big love that unfortunately
ended so soon.Viada joined Tanto in April 2008,she
was 23 years old,and are now back together.I miss
both of these grande old guys so much...
Viada is a classy mare with a awesome natural gait,lot's of brio,termino and a high lift.Tanto had not as much
lift and little termino so i think it will make for a foal with less extreme gait,that i think is smoother.She was a
great ride,has a very willing disposition and very nice manners in any way.She is doing very well right now and
doesn't have any problems at this time.Her foals are doing well so far as her halfbrother too.We will provide
a place for her retirement after she raised this last foal,i love her lot's.She is also the granddam to our
Stallion Tesoro Amoroso.
Above my 10 year old son Robert is experiencing his first Peruvian ride and has a big smile on his face
because Viada is soooooo smooth,he rode her all by himself,she wanted to please him and was such a good
girl for Robert.Viada is 21 years old here.Meanwhile i enjoyed taking a lot of nice pictures of them.
Good Job Robert and Viada !!!
INDIGO PD is born 1995,and is the son of our Viada PD and the great Soberano,a very nicePeruvian
Paso champion stallion.Bryan,Indigo's owner gave me his kind permission to post Indigo's pictures
here,thank you so much Bryan.Indigo is a nice gelding and Bryan rides him a lot on the trails and says he is
a good and very smooth ride,nicely gaited and very reliable horse on the trails.We will be very glad if our
2006 foal will live such a useful life and stay healthy to a higher age as it's parents and Indigo.
Viada's and Tanto's son Alejandro