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1999 blood bay Standardbred Mare Catch
The Flash
DOING WELL.Watch for new pictures and
videos on her soon!!!
Flash is a great hunter/jumper
prospect with an excellent trot.She is being
trained dressage and drives (racecart).
2500$ is you buy her now,price will increase
with more training.
Here they are!!! Our 2006 Foals ,these babies are very gaited !!!
Chestnut 2006 Peruvian Paso colt Alejandro
Our only purebred son by Tanto Mejor
Alejandro is now SOLD
Update!!! Alejandro is now broke to ride,in summer 2010
he is working at a kids camp carrying around children every
day,doing a very fine job for a young horse like him.
2000$ if you buy him now,later his price will increase.
Alejandro found his new home with Tanya Parson's,thanks
for being so loyal Tanya and for giving our boy such a
lovely home !!!
Dark bay 2006 Singlefooting filly Layla
First foal by our gorgeous Tesoro
Under saddle now!!! Layla has had a ton
of groundwork and is doing very well.
2800$ if you buy her now,price will
increase later.
Our 2007 Foals
2008 Gaited Curly Paso Filly
Is now a beautiful 2 year old very
curly filly.Awesome sure gait on this
filly,very hard to find.Reina is under
saddle,lightly started now,getting
more training,buy her now for
4000$,later her price will go up.
La Reina is SOLD to Pam in
Oregon.Thanks Pam, for giving La
Reina a loving home.
2007 tricolored spanish gaited
pinto pony filly Novia !!!
Novia is For Sale again.
2500$ if you buy her now,later
her price will go up with even more
training.Novia is well under saddle
now. She is very good and is a
must see.Please contact me for
details and updated pictures.
Champagne 2007 TWH filly
Topaz's Champagne Elevation ,sadly orphaned and
adopted by Amber.
Evie is a beauty,good job Topaz and Gidget.Evie
is in training now and will be started lightly under
saddle soon.
Update: Our sweet Evie is Sold to non other then
Kim Pringle !!! Thanks so much ,Kim ,for getting our
girl out there to be seen. I know Evie will get only
the best training with Kim ,what a great chance this is
for Evie.
Here is our long awaited new curly colt!!!
Will be registered MFTHBA and ICHO.
We call him TRISTAN and he is a red roan
son of DCC Vegas and DCC Strawberry
Since we have another fine colt that we are
keeping,we are offering Tristan for sale for a
reasonable price.Please talk to me about him
and updated pictures. He will be gelded soon.
Our 2008 Foals
2008 Gaited Amber Champagne
Curly TWH Colt
Topaz's Merry Dream Dancer
Dancer is for sale again now.Since we are
getting a champagne MFT colt,we are
offering Dancer ,as we cannot keep so
many stallions around.
Private Treaty    Dancer is expecting his
first two foals in spring 2013. Sandia and
Dusty's first buckskin daughter Shauna
were bred to him in 2012.

Black, sabino, gaited, curly Mare
Cocoa is 11 years old,driven and
well trained to ride for anyone.
This beautiful girl is looking for a
nice family or new owner.They don't
come any better then her.
SOLD !!! Cocoa has a great new
home in germany.Thank you so much.
by Joerg Lowigus
Cloud's Champagne Fox R
Cloud's Gold Sensation
Sandia's Lightning Strike
These three beautiful and well bred,colorful MFTHBA mares are from the Broken Gait Ranch in New Mexico.They will be
trained to ride here and shortly we will make new pictures and videos of these beautiful girls.All three mares are tall,the two
champagne mares are daughter's of Cloud's Jubalation,our favourite champagne MFT stallion. These mares are very well gaited
and show a lot of Foundation horses on their Pedigrees.
Thanks, Heidi, for giving Lucky a great, loving  home.  Lucky is the first
champagne MFT mare in germany and is expecting a foal by our champagne MFT stallion Hank in 2013.
Star is a 2007 dark chestnut MFT mare. She is trained to
ride, well bred for natural gait, a very quiet disposition with a great
conformation. Star travels exceptionally well and is very easy to handle
in any way.A must see,i promise. Star is for sale for 3800$ but
her price will increase as she will stay in training.
Star was bred , raised and well started at the Alex-Leigh Ranch in MO
Thanks so much John and Dawn for letting us have Jasmine,Kara,
Star and DJ. Your horses are fantastic.

From the Richardson's Curly Horse
Ranch:  CCC I'M Sheepie
1998 Buckskin Curly Mare
Sheepie has had a lot of
training,she does it all and is well
trained to ride by now.I have
personally seen Sheepie and i can
just say she is a beauty and a very
good girl.Lately she has been to her
very first show with Jackie and she
did excellent.Please ask Jackie or me
about her.Click on her picture to
see her webpage.
Please click here to see Kim Pringle's page
HZ Black
Gold Champagne
Our 2009 Foals
Our 2010 Foals
Our 2011 Foal
2009 Chestnut MFT Filly
RTE Lad's Classy Diva
Diva is a old style bred well gaited smooth
filly. As her dam Lady she
will be a stocky big horse with a sweet and
quiet disposition.Diva is for sale
for 2000 $
2009 Bay Curly MFT Colt
RTE KAs Bajardo
Yella and Dusty's first colt is a stunning
young horse now,we will make new pictures
very soon.He will stay for now,so we can
breed mares to him hopefully in
2012.Bajardo is certainly a masterpiece with
his rare bloodlines and his stocky,tall built.

Will be registered ABC 3/4 soon too.
We can't wait for his first foals !!!
Sorry, not for sale at the moment
2009 Classic Cream Champagne
Curly TWH Filly
RTE Topaz's Lunar Eclipse
Luna was born very black with pink skin and blue eyes,so i knew
we had hit the jackpot again and she was a classic champagne
but soon she shed out very light,was tested and YES,she
carries the cream gene too.She is a full sister to Dancer,so
what can i say,she is just as stunning as he is.Luna is in training
now and i can't wait to see her under saddle next year.
Sorry,Luna is SOLD too. Her owner Tracy is raising her
here and i get to see her grow up. Thank you Tracy  :)
2010 Sooty Buckskin Curly TWH Colt
RTE Helios
Helios is Kaziah's first foal and i have to
say she did well with Topaz.Helios is tall,
very gaited(running walk), has a very
sweet disposition and a gorgeous color
to top it all. Don't miss him, he will be a
great riding horse when he is grown up.
Helios is now SOLD to Petra in
germany.Thank you so much for giving
our beautiful boy such a great home.
2010 Buckskin Curly TWH Filly
RTE Harmonia
Amber and Topaz did it again,this time
not in champagne but her buckskin color
sure doesn't hurt my eyes.Harmonia is
again as stunning as her full sister Luna
and her full brother Dancer.I will show
you new pictures soon.
To Brenda, thanks for giving Harmonia
a great home :).
2011 Black Curly MFT Colt
RTE A Dust Of Black Gold
I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this handsome colt in daylight the first
time. He is just perfect !!! Yella and Dusty did such a great job again that i
rebred Yella to Dusty for a 2012 foal. I hope this time we get a curly filly.
The colt was color tested and he is indeed black which is still a very rare
color for a curly MFT. He will be for sale to the right breeding home only as
he carries the most rare and precious curly bloodlines just like his full brother
Bajardo. Talk to me if you like him.
Dust will shortly be registered ABC
3/4 as well. With the new regulation he will be able to breed ABC mares
too now.
Romeo's Southern Star ALR
SOLD  to Heidi in Bavaria,
On Lease bred to Amber Champagne
Curly Staiion Dancer for spring 2013
Star is bred to
Hank for a
champagne MFT
foal in spring
2013. This should
be one stunning
Gold Champagne