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1994 Palomino Gaited Curly Mare
Lovely Lady  AKA Yella ABC 256 1/2
MFTHBA 94-44768
We are so proud to add this beautiful
mare to our broodmare band.She is so
valuable because she carries no Walker
PrinceT.in her pedigree.We will carefully
plan Yella's breedings to produce foals
that are ABC/MFTHBA
/ICHO/registered with only outside
MFT blood.Yella is bred to Ebony's
Dusty Lad for a very special 2009
foal.This mare had some beautiful foals
and we cannot wait for her 2009 foal.She
is trained to ride and i sure  also enjoy
riding her.Yella stands almost 16hh and
will add height to her foals.
Pedigree for Lovely Lady
Yella at the Liz Graves Clinic
1984 Sorrel Sabino Gaited Curly Mare
;Annie's Rosebud T.
ABC 1076/ MFTHBA 84-26053
Annie has produced oustanding gaited curly
fillies,some are homozygous for curls.Annie
will have her final home with me and i am
honored to have this foundation mare at my
place.My geman Partner Meike Anschuetz
bought these new mares and i will be managing
them and their foals.Update: Annie can't
have any more foals,she is just too old and
worn out.We love her dearly and enjoy it that
she is always the first one to greet us in the
Pedigree for Annie's Rosebud T
2004 Liver Chestnut Gaited Curly Filly
RCR Kaziah
This Kreskin daughter is suspected
homozygous for curls and is ABC/ICHO
registered.We will breed her to Topaz Merry
Go in 2008 to get our champagne curly
gaited TWH's.Kaziah is a wonderful asset
to our herd and i would like to thank Jackie
Richardson for selling her to us and breeding
our new mares to the beautiful Sir Patrick.
Kaziah is very gaited and very pretty.This
newer picture of our lovely Kaziah was sent
to me by Jackie and i have to say Kaziah
grew a lot and is getting prettier all the
time.What a nice match to Topaz !!!
Pedigree for RCR Kaziah