Rancho Tres Estrellas
2006 Foals For Sale
ALEJANDRO was born 2. of June 2006,he is shedding out
bay,Peruvian Paso Colt the last son of our sadly missed Tanto Mejor
out of our 21 year old Peruvian Paso Mare Viada PD.
Alejandro is a very elegant colt with a beautiful head with a super
smooth gait not much termino low action in front which is even smoother
then the high lift gait.Of course Ali is showing the totally locked in
gait of the Peruvian Paso,has a nice disposition and i cannot believe he
was even born.We thought Viada wouldn't catch a foal again but
apperently she and Tanto gave me this precious bundle of joy.A
unique gift from my favourite riding mount Tanto,that i still miss a lot.
I am so happy i have Ali and he is NOT for sale at this time.
I would like to watch him grow up and teach him tricks,make him as much
my friend as his sire Tanto was,want to see him run and play,have a part
of Tanto around me again.He should grow into a awesome looking
stallion or gelding with these parents and this pedigree.Alejandro
means Protector of people.Alejandro is now GELDED and he has
started his saddle training.I will shortly load videos of him.He is doing
absolutely great in training and has lot's of natural brio.
ALEJANDRO shows all the big names of the Peruvian
world in his pedigree.
stallion that carried Northern Bloodlines and lived to over
30 years old and passed an awesome gait to his offspring.
Ali carries more southern bloodlines though.However he
turns out though Ali will most likely stay here because he will
always remind me of his beautiful sire that gave me lot's of joy
and friendship as well as his momma Viada who is a sweet and
loving mare but certainly is growing older and Ali will most
likely be her 6th and last foal.She will retire here and be
spoiled for the rest of her days,hopefully she has lot's of
years left.I sure am thrilled to see her in good spirits and
health right now and sure will miss her a lot when she
goes.Thank you Tanto and Viada for all the joy you gave me.