Rancho Tres Estrellas
I would like to introduce you to Topaz's Champagne Elevation AKA Evie.Little Evie is all i hoped
for,she is so light but not white that i can hope she might be homozygous for the champagne color.For now
i am just glad that Evie is strong,has a new momma.She is beautiful and such a love.Unfortunately
Amber,Evie's new mom,lost her baby Pride after he lived only 26 hours.on April 6th.Evie was born April
13th and the unthinkable happened,we lost Gidget,our beautiful champagne mare a few hours after Evie
was born.Good to see now is momma and baby happy.Amber is my Hero,i am glad she is here now.
I am so glad to see Amber happy again.She wanted Evie right
away and is a wonderful first time momma.Her baby colt Azela's
Pride was a beautiful foal and very curly.I am very sad for him and
Gidget and hope this will never happen again.I will post an own
page for Amber's little curly angel Pride very soon.Evie is
learning fast.She gives hoofs and is currently learning to
bow.She is one of my most quiet,trusting and beautiful foals.
Evie has pink skin and blue eyes and she should be classic with
or without a cream gene.Since she is so light we will have to test
her to make sure what genes she has.As of now we might keep
her as a future broodmare to replace her momma.Evie sure is a
Topaz baby,nice disposition,color,built nicely.Evie was color
tested and is a classic cream champagne.
Our little Evie has grown into a pretty young lady now.
She is over a year old now,has filled out some and is still
her sweet self. She has learned to give hoofs,how to
lead and is roaming our big pasture with her friend Novia.
Evie still keeps her promise to be a beautiful daughter
of Topaz,a nice ride and our future broodmare.
Evie is now 3 years old in 2010 and Pam trained her for 6
weeks now. She has been saddled,had lots of
groundwork and Pam started riding her this year. She is
still growing though, so training will be appropriate to
her age. I have decided to offer Evie for sale to the right
home.As of now we have enough broodmares and i
would like Evie to find her special human that spends a
lot of time with her. She loves people very much and is a
well gaited,beautiful young mare of a different color.
Evie's beautiful new pictures were taken by Joerg
Lowigus,thank you so much for your help and expertise,
Topaz's Champagne
Elevation's Story
Evie finally shed out,so we made new pictures of her. Isn't she absolutely stunning? She did very well in training, trailered well to our
trainer's farm (she had never been in a trailer before and was a good girl). A video of Evie will be posted here shortly, so you can
see what she has been up to lately. Buy her now for 3500$,next year she will be well under saddle and her price will increase then.
by Joerg Lowigus
by Joerg Lowigus
by Joerg Lowigus
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