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The video to the right was posted with the kind
permission of the owner and Trainer of Ebony's
daughter Ebony's Sunshine
Chris Rayfield, ST. Mary, MO
of Saline Valley Farm
I think she trained Sunny so well and shows
her so nicely in this video that i wanted to share it here.
This beautiful 15.2hh buckskin daughter of Kreskin and Ebony sure shows why i love Ebony so very much. Our breeding program is
based on Ebony,Lovely Lady and Sir Patrick MJT. Of course we have to add all other curly MFT lines as well but these horses
have a lot to give so we can breed high quality, well gaited , stocky, taller foals. Ebony lives on in her son Ebony's Dusty Lad and his
sons RTE KAs Bajardo and his full brother RTE A Dust Of Black Gold.
Ebony in our pasture, what a sight. She is 23
years old here and she sure doesn't look like it.
Ebony is 26 years old here, she is taking the fillies Lunar Eclipse and Harmonia
under her wing. To the right we can see DJ ,has he ever grown.
Ebony's Memorial Girl is my favourite mare along with
Lovely Lady. Words cannot describe the quality and
kindness of Ebony.
Her superb natural foxtrot is to die for and her foals are as
high quality as Lovely Lady's foals. How fortunate we are
to own her son Dusty and her two grandsons as well. I
looked long and hard to find our stallion to start breeding
the rarest curly bloodlines here and the highest quality
foals.Without Ebony's offspring it wouldn't be possible.
To honour Ebony we retired her in the best place for her,
at Tanya Parson's farm where she lives like the Queen she is.
Ebony and Tanya are just a dream team .
Jasmine is a 2005 smoky cream, 15.2 hh MFT mare. I just had to add this well bred, sweet, very trained and so well
gaited double dilute mare to our herd. With Jasmine we have another sensational MFT mare that can be my personal
riding horse and give me the occasional high quality curly foal. I will breed her to Bajardo in 2012 for a
palomino,buckskin or smoky black, stunning,hopefully curly foal. Jasmine was ridden a lot on the trails and she also
carried beginners like we can see in the above right picture.In the video you can see how well she is trained and gaited. I
would like to thank John and Dawn Deutsch of Alex-Leigh Ranch,Niangua, MO for being so kind to allow me to bring
Jasmine home to Canada along with Star and Playboy's Moonshine Sensation who are now owned by Tanya Parsons.
Jasmine Princess J's Pedigree
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