Rancho Tres Estrellas
Hypo - Allergenic North American Curly Horses
Sport's and Gaited Type
is a palomino Curly colt .Born 2004,he is
halterbroke,leads,ties.He has a nice extended trot and is
exceptionally well built,with lot's of mane and tail that he
hardly sheds.He has a curious but nice disposition and is
a sportstype curly with 1/4 gaited bloodlines through his
dam.Jo is very curly and of course hypo- allergenic.His
bloodlines are damele and Walker's Prince T
Pedigree for :
SS Walcurly Johnny Walker Gold
Whoopi was Jo's dam and is unfortunately
not alive anymore but she was a very
goodlooking mare.
Palladin is Jo's and Amber's sire and he is
tall and passes on his good looks and with
these parents Jo can only get better.We
recieved already a lot of compliments on Jo.
Cypress Mel's Sassy
resides in France now
Pedigree or SS Pal's
Amber Azela
SS Pal's Amber Azela is a palomino,extreme curly mare,born 2003.She will most probably always
havecurly foals from straight haired stallions.We have decided to breed Amber to Topaz Merry Go
this year for a halfgaited curly foal.Amber is a very nice looking extreme mare,Damele and Cypress old
bloodlines she carries.Watch for her 2009 foal,it will be really nice and will have the coloroption too.
Amber is very hypo-allergenic,her and Jo are eligable for the ABC registration.
Her sire Charming Prince
had only curly foals,over 60 of them always
curly,so he is considered homozygous
for curls.J4's Chestnut Swirl is the dam a
MFT mare goes back to Zane Grey.Pictures
are courtesy of Sunnybrooks Stables,AB
They own the parents of my curlies.
Safire is greying more and more and she
is growing like weed.Above  you can
see her parents,which are exceptional
nice too,that's why we had such great
faith in this filly.
Pedigree for SS Walcurly Safire
Here she is:SS Walcurly Safire,one of our best fillies.Safire is a grey curly ICHO
gaited mare.She is well gaited and gave us a very gaited curly filly .She is born in 2004.
Safire is pretty nice built for a curly MFT.We have great hopes for her in the future.She
is halterbroke,ties,stands for the farrier and travels nicely.Safire has been broke to ride
and has a new owner now.She was very easy to train.
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Many thanks to our trainer Pam Morrison for training Safire and making the horse out of her she is
now.She has done a good job as always.