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Ebony's Dusty Lad
Mac's Classy Lady
Classy Lady was such a great momma and we miss her so much,still. Her filly Diva is a very
stocky filly,so much like her dam. Diva was always easy to handle, easy to catch, she loves
people very much and is very curious too. What a shame that she is our only foal of Lady
here. Diva tested hypo-allergenic for my friend.
2009 chestnut sabino mare RTE Lad's Classy Diva
Diva is a old style bred, very stocky well gaited young mare. What is
special about her is that she is a smoothcoated, hypo-allergenic
MFT mare with a very nice old pedigree.
Her dam Lady carries very rare champagne lines on her dams side
and we had hoped for a champagne filly out of Lady but you can't
have it all. Diva is still a very nice filly but she still has some growing
to do, so we will do some more groundwork with her in 2012, she
will be saddled and we will mount her. When she goes back into
training we will make lots of new pictures of her and i will make a few
videos as well, so please come back in a few month to see new
pictures of her. It is hard to let Diva go, as we lost her dam in 2011,
but if i find a great home for her i will let her go because it will be
better for her if she gets lot's of attention and be the great riding
horse she can be. She is too related to our curly stallions to keep
her as a broodmare to replace her dam, but i may think of breeding
her to Hank for a champagne foal if she is not sold next year.