Rancho Tres Estrellas
NORMA JEAN will bring
some more color to our curly
MFT foals in the future.She is
a sweet 6 year old blue papered
MFT mare out of a Smokey
black mare sired by buckskin
Jackson .She was bred by
Action Farms in MO and was
color tested.
Click on her sires picture
to go an see him at
Action Farms.
Norma Jean is bred to Ebony's Dusty Lad for a 2008 hopefully buckskin foal
and is greenbroke to ride.
UPDATE !!! Norma Jean foaled 2 buckskin hypo-allergenic smoothcoated
MFT fillies by Dusty in 2008 and 2009.Shauna and Caera are shown in the
pictures below.Shauna is the older one,a yearling here.These are very nice
foxtrotting,well built fillies.Both sold to Tanya in Yorkton.
smokey cream daughter of
MAC'S CLASSY LADY is a 11 years old
Gold champagne MFT mare of Zane
Grey,Golden Rawhide and Walker's Merry Lad
MAC'S CLASSY LADY has had 2 champagne mules,a champagne
colt and a champagne filly along with a few other foals.She was hurt as
a 2 year old and has a hurt hock making her a broodmare only.We think
she has the looks and pedigree to get us curly champagne MFT
foals.Lady is bred by Max's Micco a young son of Sir Patrick's
Maximum.Of course we do hope for a curly champagne MFT foal in
2008.Our new horses will come home soon so please check back for
new pictures soon.Below are 2 of Lady's champagne foals.
UPDATE!!! Unfortunately Lady aborted her 2008 foal after the
transport but she is healthy and bred back  to Ebony's Dusty Lad for
a 2009 hopefully champagne MFT foal.Lady is a beautiful and very
gentle mare with a nice foxtrot.We are very pleased to have such a
gorgeous old style MFT mare to breed curly MFT's with.Lady will
have a forever home here.
Lady is our most quiet and kind mare.Never
ridden before she lets people sit on her
back.She is a good 15hh and so stocky
with a huge chest.Lady is definately a
keeper and will help produce champagne
curly MFT's for us in the future.
Lady showing her champagne traits
off.She has beautiful amber eyes and
lots of freckles on her pink skin.
Here is Lady's first foal by Dusty.Sure we hoped
for a champagne filly but she turned out a pretty
sorrel color.More important to us is that she is
healthy as can be with such a correct,stocky,sturdy
conformation and a rather mellow,sweet disposition.
Her name is RTE Lad's Classy Diva.She turned
out snoothcoated as well but is still hypo-allergenic
as so far all our smoothcoated foals and horses
tested by my very allergic friend Tracy.