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! !! NEWS !!!Rancho Tres Estrellas changed the breeding program
in 2008.My Partner's Meike, Kai Anschuetz and i bought 10 new
horses to breed rare dominant curly Foxtrotters as well as gaited
champagneTWH/curly horses with our stunning TWH stallion
Topaz Merry Go. We will also produce a few ABC/MFT foals in
the future. Most excited we are about our new bay ABC/MFT
son of Sir Patrick MJT and Ebony's Memorial Girl.He is 6 years
old and carries no Walker's Prince T in his pedigree,which makes him
one of a kind in the world beside his aging sire Sir Patrick MJT.His
name is "Ebony's Dusty Lad " and i think he is a worthy son of Sir
Patrick to carry on his legacy.
I am updating the webpage in the next few weeks,so please stop by
and have a look. I will add webpages post more pictures of our 2010
foals who will get their own pages.
Topaz's Champagne Elevation (Evie) is now sold to Kim Pringle.
We sure are excited about this as Kim is a well known TWH trainer
here in Canada,who will train Evie to perfection. If you are
interested in what she does go to her webpage with lot's of
information and pictures of Topaz Merry Go's son Iceman that Kim
used to own and show.
Our Stallion EBONY'S
2004 ABC/MFT Stallion
Dusty is Sir Patrick MJT's
only double registered son
without any Walker's Prince T or
DCC Vegas bloodlines !!!
Yella's and Dusty's black
2011 colt has a name !!!
RTE A Dust Of Black Gold
Our 2009 Foals
We would like to thank Joerg Lowigus, he will take pictures of our horses as they go in
training with his wife Christina Lowigus, our hoof orthopedist and trainer.Joerg makes
stunning pictures, so i am looking forward to showing off our young horses and Dusty.
If you would like to see his work please click on the link below.
I'd like to thank Merv and Diane Reichle from the Broken Gait Ranch
in New Mexico to allow us to import one of their finest champagne colts.
Thanks again to Jackie Richardson for letting the BGR horses,Merv and Diane
have a short rest in Iowa at their ranch(well for that she'll get a fine,well trained MFT
mare from Merv and Diane delivered).I am offering horses on the for sale page from
these honest and very nice people that became friends of mine by now.Please take a
look,you won't be disappointed,i promise.Now the colt is a classic champagne
grandson of Cloud's Jubalation,by BGR's favorite stallion Champagne Justice
E/T out of Sandia.His name is Wueste Hitze(Hank),a classic
champagne,stocky,well gaited,tall colt born 2008.He will breed some of our curly
MFT mares for some fine curly MFT foals.Finally we will get our much needed new
bloodlines to breed even better foals then ever.The new pictures where taken in
August 2011 and Hank is now 3 years old.He has had good training,leads,trailers
and handles well,a very calm boy with still a lot of foundation MFT's on his paper.
Hank is breeding his first few mares in 2011 and i am very excited to see his first foals
in 2012. Please click on his picture to see his webpage, for now,with his pedigree and
color test. Please come back often as i am in process of updating our page big
time.Along with Hank,Merv and Diane brought our Cocoa and their fine mares
Lucky,Foxy and Sandia,take a look at our For Sale page to see them.We will get
their mares ready to sell,the least we can do for all Merv and Diane have done for us
keeping Cocoa and bringing her and Hank to Canada.
Call us : 306 - 757-4073
Email us : cduncan.rte@gmail.com
Kim Pringle's Page